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Customer Success and Customer Support: Why You Need Both

In understanding what customer success is, it’s also important to understand what it is not. Customer success is often confused or conflated with both key account management (KAM) and customer support. In a previous post we wrote about the differences between KAM and customer success. This post will show the major differences […]

Building a Remarkable Customer Success Playbook

When it comes to managing relationships with your customers, the old axiom still holds true: “Change is the only constant.” Because you know things will change in your relationships with your customers, your customer success teams need to be proactive in managing the relationship. Being proactive means having a good […]

Building a Customer Health Index

How is your relationship with your customers? Are there areas of concern or pockets of excellence that exist in your relationship? Unfortunately, many companies these days can only answer these questions using their gut feel, rather than objective data. Companies need to take a deeper look into the available data […]